Supply Chain

The Finnish Grocery Trade Association wants to improve the profitability of trade by promoting the introduction of new technologies in the supply chain.

The working groups within the Finnish Grocery Trade Association co-operate to implement development projects focused on the introduction of new technologies.

Retail trade

Developed by the Finnish Grocery Trade Association, the databank for the food security self-control is implemented in the stores run by the Association's member companies. We have also compiled self-control recommendations related to client and personnel safety, to be included in the stores' self-control procedure.

We strengthen the self-control focused on the sales of alcohol and tobacco products inn close collaboration with the State Provincial Offices.

We co-operate with the Federation of Finnish Commerce to develop cost-efficient payment instruments. The channel to influence the operations of the international credit card companies is EuroCommerce.

In the issues related to the treatment of animal waste, we strive for a national solution which is reasonable from the grocery trade's perspective, also considering the Finnish strategic waste management decisions and grocery trade's regional structures.

Purchasing and logistics

One of the tasks of the Finnish Grocery Trade Association is to ensure the maintenance of the sector's competitiveness in the internationalising operating environment and to contribute to the promotion of the operating conditions of the domestic food supply chain.

An element of the national food quality strategy, we have published a guidebook targeted at small and medium-sized suppliers, directing them towards successful co-operation with the trade sector. Our member companies will introduce the guidebook for the management of their supplier relationships.

Efficient logistics in the grocery trade sector will promote the objective to lower energy consumption, emissions and packaging waste. We collaborate with Helsinki University of Technology in a project to compile waste and energy-related self-control instructions for the stores and to harmonise the collecting of environmental information related to this sector. We participated in the project instituted by the beverage sector to introduce the recovery of recyclable plastic and glass bottles, reutilised as raw material, in 2008.

Information management

An extensive project related to the retail trade information systems was introduced in 2007, focusing on payments with the electronic cash card, store safety and self-control.

We will follow the respective international developments, ensuring that the sector participates in the development projects focused on new technologies.

Foodservice wholesales

In collaboration with the industry and ECR Finland (Efficient Consumer Response), we will begin co-operation following the EFR (Efficient Foodservice Response) model in the hotel, restaurant and catering sector.

The Finnish Grocery Trade Association works for the liberalisation of B2B alcohol sales, now part of the Alko retail monopoly. We will try to agree with the regulatory authorities on a way to introduce nicotine replacement products also in cash-and-carry and warehouse outlets. 

The objective is to include the Foodservice sector in the national food economy quality strategy.

Product legislation

The Finnish Grocery Trade Association will enhance the safety of food and consumables by developing self-control procedures and by influencing the legislation on product safety.

Collaborating with the food industry, we will issue recommendations to enhance and harmonise the food-related trade operations.

The trade sector carries its responsibility for food safety and the respect of regulations related to alcoholic beverages, nicotine products and self-medication medicines.

We will enhance transparency, recognising the trade sector's role in nutrition by underlining the importance of overall nutrition. We will prepare the introduction of the heart symbol in the fruit and vegetable departments.

Through EuroCommerce, we ensure that the views of the Finnish trade sector are heard in the preparation of European food legislation.