Use rolltainers correctly

We need your help to ensure that deliveries run efficiently and without interruptions – use rolltainers and other transport equipment correctly.

Rolltainers and other auxiliary transport equipment used by the trade sector and the food manufacturing industry are intended for deliveries from goods suppliers to customers. They must always be returned to their owner without unnecessary delay.

If there are problems with the return, contact the owner immediately. You can find the owner’s details on the rolltainer.

Efficiency is responsibility

The improper use of rolltainers leads to substantial additional costs every year. In addition to waste, such costs result from the slower circulation of rolltainers.

Efficient logistics is an essential part of every business’s corporate social responsibility. It is always better for the environment when rolltainers do not end up lost, at the bottom of the sea or rusting away in a forest somewhere. Replacing lost rolltainers with new ones leads to the unnecessary consumption of natural and other resources.

Handing over or selling rolltainers to third parties is strictly forbidden.


  • Collect rolltainers together for return according to instructions
  • Return empty rolltainers to their owners immediately
  • Do not hand over or sell rolltainers to third parties

Owners are happy to provide you with more information on how to return rolltainers directly

Kesko | | tel. +358 10 5311

Lidl | tel. +358 9 234561

Minimani |

S-ryhmä | | tel. +358 10 76 8011

Suomen Palvelutukkurit | | tel. +358 10 338 7820

Tokmanni | | tel. +358 300 472 220

Valio Aimo® | | tel. +358 20 717 0490

Wihuri | | tel. +358 20 510 10