Grocery trade is an important part of society

The Finnish Grocery Trade Association (Päivittäistavarakauppa ry PTY) represents the interests of the grocery trade and wholesale grocery trade in the policy-making process.

Through business policy initiatives, supply chain development, cooperation projects and services, the Association aims to improve and develop the general operating conditions of the grocery sector.

The aim is for the grocery sector to operate in an environment of free competition and to be known as a responsible sector and operator that takes the interests of consumers into account in the food supply chain.

In addition to industry advocacy, the Finnish Grocery Trade Association develops industry-wide, non-competitive operating models that promote efficiency, social responsibility and cooperation throughout the value chain.

The activities of the grocery trade are essential for the functioning of society and the smooth running of consumers’ daily lives. Commerce plays an important role as a foundation block of society, providing services and habitability throughout the country and providing employment opportunities.

In all, the grocery trade and wholesale grocery trade employ around 90,000 people in Finland.